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Category C + E / Class 1

Category C+E/Class 1

Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, but less than 32 tonnes.

Category C+E/Class 1

Learn to drive an HGV up to 44tn.

Want to learn how to drive an HGV up to 44 tonnes? Then this is the course for you!

Holding a Category C+E or Class 1 licence can open up a world of HGV driving job opportunities. You might also know it as an Artic, Wagon or Drag, this licence allows you to drive a broad range of vehicle types, and can also be a step towards taking on additional ADR (dangerous goods vehicle) training.

In the current climate, where e-commerce, online shopping and deliveries are the daily norm, there's no better time to turn your career towards being an HGV driver training. Who knows, you might even find yourself hitting the road internationally!

Why Category C + E?

Reasons to choose Category C+E:

  • With a Category C+E licence, you could significantly increase your earning potential. As this licence covers you to to drive a broad range of vehicle types. Making you a sought-after driving professional!
  • A Category C+E licence can open up more opportunities to drive overseas.
  • You could find yourself having longer periods off, with 'days-on/days-off' shift patterns

What can I drive with a Category C+E licence?

  • Articulated lorries up to 44 tonnes
  • Rigid (or 'Category C') tucks with a trailer unit
  • Tractors with a trailer unit

How the course works:

Infographic to show process of gaining HGV licence including Modules
Infographic on how to gain your HGV licence

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