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Category B / B+E

Category B / B+E

Learn to drive a car / car with trailer.

B / B+E

Learn to drive a car /car + trailer.

Looking to take that first step and learn how to drive? Then our Category B/Car licence course is what you're looking for!

This course includes everything you'll need to get you started on your journey, such as your Theory & Hazard Perception Test, Practical Driving Hours, and of course, your Road Practical Test! And with our fully qualified and friendly instructors, you'll leave us with bags of confidence and ready to hit the road.

After that, taking on a Category B+E licence will allow you to drive your car whilst towing a trailer.

Why Category B / B+E?

Reasons to choose Category B+E

  • Learning to drive can open doors to higher earning potential, along with paving the way for roles that require towing skills.

  • After securing your Category B/B+E licence, the road to driving a variety of vehicles unfolds, presenting opportunities to hone your newly-found driving skills.

  • A Category B/B+E licence could also be your ticket to a broader spectrum of job opportunities in diverse sectors like construction, landscaping, and delivery services.

What can I drive with a Category B/B+E licence?

  • Passenger cars with trailers for business and personal use.

  • Light commercial vehicles with trailers, often used in trades and small businesses.

  • Vehicles designed to transport horses, popular amongst equestrian enthusiasts and professionals.

  • Vehicles towing utility trailers for transporting equipment, materials, or other large items

  • Cars towing boat trailers, useful for both recreational and professional purposes..

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