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Now that you have gotten your provisional licence and your theory is complete, it is time to put everything you have learned into practice.
Don’t worry, you will be taught everything you need by our highly qualified instructors before you take your practical exam.

HGV Student Passing

Vehicle Checks

Every day begins with your vehicle walk-around check which takes around 20 minutes. You will learn how to identify any safety issues and how to plan your journey.

Fully automatic vehicles

Module 3

Your course takes 4 or 5 days and you will gain practical experience of the following:

  • Vehicle controls
  • Move the vehicle away at an angle and on an incline
  • Bringing the vehicle to a controlled stop
  • Identifying and deal with hazards
  • Selecting a suitable place to stop
  • Giving the appropriate signals which enable safe turning a pulling away
  • Showing awareness and anticipate the intentions of other road users
  • Controlling the speed of a lorry
  • Using mirrors correctly

You wil also be required to drive independently for 10 minutes.

Qualified Instructors

Module 4

You will learn what it means to be a professional driver. The module covers:

  • Documentation of Drivers' Hours
  • First Aid
  • How to use a Tachograph
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Security of your HGV and load

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When you have completed your module 1, you can book your module 3. When you have completed your module 2, you can book your module 4.

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