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The medical is the first thing that you need to take care of before you can start the rest of your course.
Getting your medical will allow you to get your provisional licence which is what you’ll need before you can get into a HGV for your practical stage.

D4 Medical Form

Book Your Medical

You need to complete a medical before you can get your provisional licence. Our doctors ask you some questions and they complete the D4 form, which we have provided in your starter pack.

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Eyesight Test

The doctor will ask you to read the letters on the chart. If you wear glasses for driving, you will do two tests. One with glass and one without. Bring your glasses. You cannot wear contacts for the test.

30 minutes to complete.

Heart and Blood Pressure

The doctor will check your blood pressure and ask you some questions about the health of your heart. If you are currently being treated for high blood pressure and it is being controlled with medication you should pass the test.

Post your licence D2 and D4 forms to the DVLA


If you have diabetes, the doctor will ask about your history. If it is being managed correctly you will be able to get your provisional licence entitlements.

The DVLA will return your licence within 28 days

Provisional Licence Application

When you have completed your medical, send the D4 form to the DVLA, along with your D2 provisional licence application.


Contact our team to book your medical

Guide to filling out your Medical Application

Section 1: What are you applying for?

1a) Please put a cross in: FIRST ENTITLEMENT

Please put a cross in C, C1, C1+E, D and D1 categories.

This does two things, it makes sure you put a cross in the right box and if you want to do any other licenses in the future, you don’t have to go through doing these forms again.

Normally, a candidate will not have to fill anything else in for section 1, however, please give this a read anyway just in case any of the questions apply to you.

Section 2: Your Details

Please fill in your details as usual, highlighted in yellow.

The “previous details” section does not need to be filled in unless your name or address have changed since your last license was issued.

The “if you have lived in another country” and “what date did you come to live in the UK” sections are optional.

Section 3: Your eyesight and your hearing

Please cross the yes/no boxes if they apply to you.

The sections on “Organ donation” and “Your conduct” do not need filling in unless they apply to you.

Section 4: Your health

Please cross the boxes if they apply to you, if you have no health conditions, please put a cross in “no” at the top and you can skip this section.

Section 5 and 6: Your proof of identity and Signing a photo

You can fill these sections in if you wish, however, as we are going to ask you to send your photocard driving license off with your forms, these sections are not essential. The driving license is sufficient proof of identity.

If you have had problems with your license previously, please contact us to help you fill in this section.

Section 7: Your declaration

Please sign and date the form in section 7. You do not need to worry about the “Your checklist” section on the left.


Please grab yourself an envelope and inside it we would like you to put:

  1. Your Blue D4 Medical form (this may not be blue if you have printed it off, this is fine)
  2. Your Green D2 form

  3. Your Photocard Driving License

Please send the envelope via RECORDED DELIVERY to:

DVLA Swansea
SA99 1BR

If you don’t know how recorded delivery works, please check here:
If you are happy sending your envelope off with a normal stamp this is fine, please do this at your own risk.

Your license will be returned to you in 3-4 weeks. If you are waiting longer than this, you will need to contact your local MP to speed the process up. An explanation of how to do this is below:

Please go to this page You will need to input your postcode to find your local MP, you can then view their email.

Please send the below email to your local MP.

Dear Sir/Madam,

(X) weeks ago I sent my driving license off to get my provisional HGV entitlement added to my license. This has not been actioned and is causing massive delays in me getting my HGV license. May you please see what you can do regarding getting my driving license back to me updated?

Kind Regards,

(Candidate Name)
(Candidate Address)