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Category D1 / D1 + E

Category D1/D1+E.

Bus, bus and trailer.

Why Category D1?

  • Potential to earn a solid income driving smaller passenger vehicles
  • Qualifies you to drive minibuses, which require specific driving skills
  • Many organizations, including schools and community groups, need qualified minibus drivers
  • Opportunities for part-time, full-time, and seasonal work
  • Often involves driving for local services, schools, or community groups, fostering a sense of community involvement
  • Vehicles with 9-16 passenger seats, ideal for small group transport
  • Used by local councils and organizations for transporting community members
  • Minibuses used for school runs and student transport
  • Small shuttle buses used to transport passengers to and from airport terminals
  • Minibuses used for guided tours and travel services

Why Category D1+E?

  • Higher earning possibilities due to the added skill of towing
  • Ability to drive minibuses with trailers, increasing job opportunities
  • Opens up additional roles in various sectors such as tourism, education, and logistics
  • Demonstrates advanced driving capabilities and expertise
  • Access to more varied and specialized driving positions
  • Minibuses towing trailers, used for transporting additional luggage or equipment
  • Vehicles for local services or schools requiring additional storage capacity
  • Ideal for tour companies needing extra space for luggage and equipment
  • Used for transporting passengers and their luggage to and from airports
  • Minibuses and trailers used for specific needs, such as sports teams or equipment-heavy activities
Category D1/D1+E Driver Training

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