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Category B+E


Car with trailer, horsebox, and caravan.

Why Category B+E?

Reasons to Choose Category B+E

  • Potential to earn more by qualifying for jobs requiring towing capabilities
  • Expands the types of vehicles you can drive, making you more versatile and valuable
  • Opens up a wider range of job options in various sectors such as construction, landscaping, and delivery services
  • Ideal for those who need to tow trailers for work or recreational purposes
  • Gain experience and confidence in handling larger vehicle combinations
What can I drive once I get a B+E licence?

  • Passenger cars towing larger trailers for business or personal use
  • Light commercial vehicles with trailers, often used in trades and small businesses
  • Vehicles designed to transport horses, popular among equestrian enthusiasts and professionals
  • Ideal for recreational towing, allowing for travel with larger caravans
  • Vehicles towing utility trailers for transporting equipment, materials, or other large items
  • Cars towing boat trailers, useful for both recreational and professional purposes

Category B+E driver training

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