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Car Training


Get your Class B Car Licence with Hughes Driver Training, the UK's #1 Leading in HGV training. Now offering car training.


About Us

Welcome to Hughes Driver Training, where we extend our expertise in HGV training to offer high-quality car driving lessons.

With a proven track record in professional driver training, we’re excited to help you embark on your journey to becoming a confident and skilled driver

Unsure where to start?

Hughes Driver Training will help you every step of the way, from theory training to practical training. Whether you want to fast-track to getting your licence, or take your time. 

We have over 35 years of training thousands of people in vehicle training and we’re here to give you all of our knowledge to mastering the road.

Available Courses

Theory Training

Master the rules of the road for a safe and confident driving experience.

Intensive 5 Days

For those confident in their skills and want the fastest track to getting their car licence.

Intensive 7 Days

For those who want to fast-track their training, with a few extra days to develop their skills.

Intensive 10 Days

For those who want to get their car licence quickly, but thoroughly.


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