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Amazon Career Choice

HGV Training and Careers

Amazon's Career Choice program allows Amazon employees to receive 95% payment towards courses so that you can pursue other prosperous careers such as a career in HGV driving.

Why a HGV Career?

Getting your HGV licence opens up many doors for your future career. Choose from 1000’s of vacancies in a slew of different job titles, while earning up to £600 per week!

The job security that comes with a HGV career is incomparable to most others and the flexibility that comes with it means that you’re able to fit your work around your current lifestyle.

Why Choose Hughes Driver Training?

Hughes Driver Training have helped to get 1000’s of people from all different backgrounds and industries to get their HGV licences and get them into careers afterwards. We will get you there too!

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How It Works

Amazon Pays 95%

For eligible employees, Amazon will pay up to 95% of tuition and fees towards a certificate or diploma in qualified fields of study, leading to in-demand jobs.

Train with us

We will get you trained to pass your practical and theory tests. Once you have passed your tests, you will be given a HGV licence, ready to start a new career.

Start your new career

Join the thousands of others on the road who have passed with us. You'll be in a secure, financially gratifying career as a HGV driver where you can prosper for even greater earning potential.

How to Apply


Go to Amazon A-Z and select ‘Resources’.


Scroll down towards the bottom and select Career’s Choice.


Start your application and select the school ‘Hughes Driver Training’.


‘Requested Tuition Fee’ and select the course you wish to complete.


Choose the start date for your course for a day after you have been at Amazon for 1 year, and the end date 1 year later.


Continue to sign the voucher online and once complete the voucher will automatically uploaded to our school portal.


Once the voucher is received we will take the 5% deposit from you and send the voucher off to Amazon who will pay the remaining 95% of your course fee.

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